Citizen Services

Digital Transformation

This term "digital transformation" really means delivering customers what they want, when they want, and how they want it. Simple as that. But getting it right is a whole lot harder - internal council systems are normally not built to interact with the public by design, and taping on a community engagement solution all too often creates a new silo within the organisation. We think it ought to be done differently, and we think it ought to be done without breaking the bank.

Transactional efficiency

Rates notices, permits and licences, dog registration, hoardings, barking and pothole complaints, driveway approvals, development applications - the list goes on. It also adds up to a significant cost during the implementation of a new council system because these activities are also unique to local government. We end up having to teach the vendor what they mean and how to build them. Rest assured - you won't need to teach us.

Connecting community to systems

Our solution is designed to bring all transactions and interactions your council has with its community into an easy to use, password protected environment very much like what your residents enjoy in banking and other industries. But that is not all - transactions are closely connected with the teams who actually carry out approvals or fix potholes, while keeping residents informed at all stages of the status of their issue. Watch your service levels rise, and community trust skyrocket.

Anywhere, anytime, any device

Automate Management

  • Provide a geographical boundary to prevent service requests from outside of jurisdiction - or work with your neighbors in a collaborative way.
  • Group, re-order, and update service request types. Link related requests together and automatically detect duplicate requests.
  • Lightning fast time-to-value with many out-of-the-box council service request types and built-in dashboards.
  • Turn-key integration with Azure IoT Suite and Azure Machine Learning to allow connected devices to report failures and schedule maintenance, predict future outages, forecast staffing and purchasing needs, and more.

Drive community engagement

Modernize Services

  • Submit, triage, assign, and complete service requests with automatic notifications and status updates.
  • Multiple channels to submit requests—PC, mobile web, mobile apps, email, chatbot, IoT device... and in-person.
  • Integrated with GIS via Esri ArcGIS Online.
  • Choose to have us embed the interface into existing website, or let it stand alone.
  • Receive email or SMS notifications.
  • Mobile access via responsive web portal or iOS and Android apps.

Gain Valuable Insight

  • Surface rich insights about the health of the resident services operation with Power BI embedded dashboards.
  • Survey residents on satisfaction, with resulting data analysis to drive executive decisions.
  • Integrate with Cortana Personal Assistant for easy access to insights from Windows 10 devices.